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Knowledge Base/ Getting Started
2019-08-28 06:35:02
Fast Roaming Keeps Connection Consistent
Since many devices are mobile, keeping a constant internet connection while devices are in motion is essential for Wi-Fi networks. Fast Roaming plays an important role in guaranteeing a reliable...
Knowledge Base/ References & Specifications
2019-07-01 08:54:47
Common Applications for Pharos Products
With a high transmit power and antenna gain, TP-Link Pharos Products are perfect for long-distance wireless connections. The communication distance ranges from several kilometers to dozens of...
Knowledge Base/ Features & Configuration
2019-06-25 00:54:52
How to configure Cloud Access for Remote Management
You can use a controller to manage EAP devices in your wireless network. In the local network, it’s easy to access the controller via your management device, such as a PC or a mobile device, because...
Knowledge Base/ Getting Started
2019-05-29 01:59:19
Why Does My Cellphone Fail to Connect to Remote Outdoor Access Points?
You’ve probably tried before to connect your cellphone or laptop to the wireless network of an outdoor access point which is a few kilometers away, but failed. Why does it fail even though the Wi-Fi...
Knowledge Base/ Getting Started
2019-04-26 09:47:30
Introduction to Antenna Radiation Patterns
If you want to establish a wireless network, whether to create a Wi-Fi hotspot or set up a point-to-point connection over a long distance, it’s important to decide where and how to deploy your...
Knowledge Base/ Getting Started
2018-12-29 01:46:59
[Setup Videos] The management of Omada EAPs
This guide applies to: EAP110 / EAP115 / EAP225 / EAP245 / EAP320 / EAP330 / EAP115-Wall / EAP225-Wall / EAP110-Outdoor / EAP225-Outdoor As a stepping stone helping you get started in Omada EAPs,...