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Stories/ Business Wi-Fi
2018-12-10 03:22:55
TP-Link and the government: Wi-Fi for Institute of legislation under the RF government
CUSTOMER PROFILE: Company: The Institute of Legislation and comparative law under the government of the Russian Federation Sector: education Location: Russia INTRODUCTION In November 2016 TP-Link...
Stories/ Business Wi-Fi
2018-10-17 08:37:38
TP-Link Provides Reliable Networking Service for PGL Major Kraków
CUSTOMER PROFILE Founded in 2002, PGL handles event organization, studio and video production, as well as TV and online streaming for international e-sports tournaments. The Majors are the most...
Stories/ Business Wi-Fi
2018-09-04 09:40:57
TP-Link Offered TV Station Reliable Data Transfer and Safe Assurance for Live Broadcasting
BACKGROUND TV Skyline is an innovative television and broadcasting service provider equipped with the latest and highest-quality broadcast technology. The Ü8 UHD program provides significantly...
Stories/ Business Wi-Fi
2018-07-27 03:42:29
Omada Wi-Fi For Russia Railway
Background Russian railways is a part of top three railway companies worldwide, as well as being one of the most prominent Russian companies. The company struggles to enhance its quality of passenger...