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By martyw96 2020-08-10 21:59:00

Connecting CPE210 Client to a second router

I'm still quite new to using these devices so sorry if this is a stupid question. I am looking to set up a caravan with its own WiFi seperate from our house. I have 2 TP Link CPE210. Is it just a case
/ Pharos Wireless Broadband
By Heri 2017-05-30 21:14:24

Re:CPE210 setting ot maxpower of 27dbm

Same problem with there any way to set more then 11 dbm..? My problem 1. there is no country option on login page at the begining of open web UI 2. There is no country On wireless setting afte
Forums/ Pharos Wireless Broadband
By DoctorJakeRoof 2020-11-24 15:21:49

CPE510 - Did Reset - Now Doesn't Work

Had two of these for a number of years, to connect two buildings and worked flawlessly. However, recently changed the IP address within them due to moving to a new subnet - i.e instead of 192.168.1.xx
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By Jay876 2020-10-07 01:00:10

Poviding internet access for a community

I would like to provide internet access to a community approximately 4km in diameter I have a modem which is in the center of the community. I would like to know what can I use to provide the area wit