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By Philbert 2021-08-13 15:02:57

Re:Wanna router of 2km range, for business, any one help?

@WAQASPK You likely can achieve this, but not with a single AP You would need at least 4 (possibly 6 or even 8) sectorized APs, something like the CPE510 mounted around a post to beam the coverage in
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By AustinNzioka.-_ 2021-07-26 19:34:49

Wifi Security

How can someone stop, prevent or reduce the susceptibility to DDOS attcaks with simple setting on the gateway router?
Forums/ Pharos Wireless Broadband
By wyattrew99 2021-07-23 03:30:48

Router doesn't work through CPE 510's

I'm having issues with my CPE510's. Basically the cable comes into a building on the edge of my property and thats where the modem is. My house is about 1000ft down the hill from there. I set them up
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By Anatole 2021-01-30 13:47:28

Slow wired connection on second access point

Hi, I have a main router/modem from my internet provider with fiber connected to it. This connects to the LAN port of a tp link router on the first floor which itself connects to the LAN port of anoth
Forums/ Pharos Wireless Broadband
By AustinNzioka.-_ 2021-07-26 04:05:02

Slow internet speed from the CPE210 & CPE220 Access point WLAN

I have a internet connection of 20/20mbps(up/down). When I speedtest the wifi signal(SSID) from the main router's (mr3620) antennas, it gives me 20-up/15-download but when I connect to the CPEs(all se
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By Pattielee 2021-06-30 13:03:58

Re:CPE510 ap mode and client mode not working

@Virgo thank you for the advice! how do i know if they are under the same coverage? I just put everything on auto. Im kind of dumb so you might need to make it really simple for me. I so appreciate yo