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Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By Pepe8266 2021-02-10 16:41:00

No client Internet access - OpenVPN client to site

Good afternoon, We have an installation done with a router TL-R605, OC-200 Omada controller and switches/EAP all connected to Omada. I have created a VPN connection cliente to site with OpenVPN and it
Forums/ Omada EAP
By Nicap 2021-07-23 09:00:52

TL-R605 Adopt Failed

I had some issues a few weeks ago(4 or so), when the Dashboard showed that the R605 "Adopt Failed". I tried to readopt, but it asked for a password that i either did not remember or i just don't know.
Forums/ Omada EAP
By Nicap 2021-01-16 12:50:26

Unknown MAC(TP-Link) in Insight with 300GB usage in 7 days?

When i look in the Omada software controller on Windows in section Insight, i see something unknown to me. My IP range is 192.168.1.x. But there's an entry in Insight with MAC D8-5D-4C-D4-E9-3C and IP