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By JonnieBeGood 2023-02-28 17:33:04

OC200 Warning Message Meanings?

Hi, Set up an wifi system in a large house with 7 wifi access points. Comprises of latest BT Hub connected to network switch (TL-SG2428P) then i have six EAP620HD and one EAP610 and a OC200 controller
Forums/ Controllers
By JonnieBeGood 2023-01-11 19:03:04

OC200 adoption and busy issues

Hi, Set up a oc200 controller today with my sky broadband router 4 access points (3 x EAP225, 1 x EAP245) Also have 2 x 5Port POE switches (TL-SG1005P) in my home network fed from the sky router. Prob
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By JonnieBeGood 2021-01-07 18:50:12

OC200 Controller showing no stats or clients?

Hi, Just installed a Omada OC200 controller with two EAP225 WiFi access points connected to an 8Port POE TP-Link Network Switch. The switch is connected direct to a BT Router Smart Hub2. Problem is th