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Forums/ Feature Request
By firefox111 Thursday

Sharing devices between two accounts.

Hi! Last year, when Insteon abandoned its thousands of users, I switched to Kasa. I slowly replaced the Insteon devices with Kasa. I have two locations in different time zones. I tried to add devices

Is TP-Link going to abandon Kasa App and Kasa line?

I have EP-10's in two geographic locations in different time zones and I have asked for the Kasa App to include location management so that I will me able to manage each location's devices separately
Forums/ Business Routers
By firefox111 2022-09-13 00:14:01

ER605 site-to-site VPN

Hello! Can the site-to-site VPN in the ER605 take Dynamic host names? I have DDNS on both sites A and B. Thanks. Also, will IPSec VPN takes too much bandwidth on both sites? Thanks again.
Forums/ Business Routers
By firefox111 2022-09-12 23:34:51

ER605 System Log: [osg:E8-48-B8-xx-xx-xx] detected Large Ping attack and dropped 60 packets.

Hello. I'm bothered by the entries in my System log so I searched for MAC address lookup for the company responsible for E8-48-B8 MAC. It turns out that it is TP-Link! Is TP-Link trying to attack my E
Forums/ Business Routers
By firefox111 2022-09-05 13:47:54

ER605 ping from WAN

Hello. I have a watchdog in site B to ping site A. It's working great and it alerts me if the Internet connection at site A is down. However, after I replaced the firewall in site A with ER605, my wat
Forums/ Kasa Smart Plugs
By firefox111 2022-03-25 02:38:01

Kasa Smart Plug in two locations?

Can I possibly install Kasa smart plug mini's in two remote locations and be controlled by the Kasa App? Thanks in advance.