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By Xarishark 2023-12-02 14:34:18

Make the wireguard peer generator more friendly (QR codes, exports and autogenerating codes)

Currently wireguard does not have any easy way to export a profile to send to a device or user. Request: Add a QR code popup button at the peer list to show a QR code AND a *.wg* download button. On p
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By firefox111 2023-12-18 20:54:19

FQDN in Wireguard Peer Endpoint parameter?

Hello! Is there any plan on using FQDN instead of IP Address in the Wireguard Peer Endpoing paramter? Both my endpoiints are DHCP from my ISP. Thanks. I like wireguard because my iperf from local to r
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By firefox111 2023-12-14 02:50:22

Any Documentation on setting up LAN-to-LAN L2TP VPN between two ER605 V2's?

Hello! The subject says it all. Can someone send me a link of a documentation on recommended setup for a LAN-to-LAN L2TP VPN connection between two ER605's? I need Location A to manage/connect to devi
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By firefox111 2023-12-09 16:08:23

Split Tunneling for L2TP VPN Client?

Hello! I am looking for a way for split tunneling in my L2TP VPN client. It is very obvious that when a client connects to the ER605 server, all traffic goes into the tunnel. I only want to limit the
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By firefox111 2023-11-28 22:11:49

new field in Firewall -> Access-Control -> States:

Hi! After I upgraded to V2 2.2.2, I noticed that there is a new parameter in the Firewall Access Control rule - "States:". All my existing rules have none of the available States. The field has "--" a
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By firefox111 2023-11-28 18:49:00

Is this allowed: ER605 V1 config to load into ER605 V2 config?

The subject says it all. Is it going to be a problem on a V2 hardware if I restore a configuration from a V1 hardware? Is there a Cisco-like configuration in plain text that I can edit manually with a