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By bontokiz 2022-08-17 06:39:26

What Access Point to deploy on a warehouse?

Hello, What do you think would work better for the warehouse diagram below? My options are 1. Use 3x CPE710 or -- Yellow Triangle 2. Use 6x EAP620 or EAP245 -- Green Circle Or what would you recommend
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By bontokiz 2022-07-26 12:31:00

OC 5.3.1 Linux issues with custom page portal

Is anyone having issues with importing custom portal page with controller 5.3.1? I'm getting error, "Sorry, the browser is not compatible. The browser does not support Omada Controller ..."
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By Hugh22 2022-05-20 15:51:39

Voucher hotspot

Hi i’m not really expert on networking just a medium user on my voucher hotspot business. Internet is already a necessity in my community, my customer is depending on my internet rental service, my vo
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By bontokiz 2022-05-22 07:26:47

Is it possible to limit usage to 1 device only when using Portal with External Radius?

Title Basically I want the user/password auth to be restricted to 1 device only. Is this possible for Omada? And what external Radius Server would you recommend? Thanks
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By malcoski 2022-04-08 03:29:08

Easy voucher creation

Hi I have a set up in a cafe with a portal and vouchers for the internet. Works fine however I would like to pass the job of voucher creation down to the cafe staff. However doing so gives them access