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By GRL 2023-05-06 14:28:59

ER7206 1.3.0 ACL completely broken

Trying to set up some ACLs in firmware 1.3.0 is completely broken I have some IP groups set up, and the exact same ACL settings i am trying to apply on my ER605v2 (latest beta) works without issue.. P
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By stealth23 2022-10-24 08:27:11

ER605/How to block a device from internet access?

Hi, I have a very simple setup, using the tp-link ER605 Omada as my home LAN router (single LAN). Within my LAN I have a device with fixed IP. I want that device's IP address to be blocked from inboun
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By Honza987 2022-10-22 19:18:56

Enable MAC filtering and change Wifi channel on Archer AX53

Hello, I'm using an older TP link router and now I've added a new Archer AX53 into network, but I'm unable to find settings that I used to use with the old router - MAC filtering and manual Wifi chann
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By words 2022-10-20 17:35:59

ER605 v2 - v2.6 - differences?

Hi, just curious what's the difference between v2 and v2.6 of the ER605. I see that there is FW for 2.6 but don't see a release of this HW with v2.6
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By Kay214 2022-10-16 21:53:47

1.2 Gig service from my moidem's 2.5 gig port and a 1 gig port to the DR605 multiwan

I recently got an ER605 and a TL-GS2008P switch. I have 1.2 gig service from my ISP that runs to a cable modem with four ports: one 2.5gig, and three 1gig. I am running a mesh wifi in AP mode downstre
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By vsk1 2022-10-16 03:03:36

ER605 V2 : 2 LAN Setup connected to "unmanaged" switch - Firewall rules

Hey there, This is what I am planning to do..... VLAN100 192.168.100.XXX VLAN->Ports 1. Remove (uncheck checkbox) ports 4 and 5 2. Include (check checkbox) Ports 2 and 3 and dropdown is UNTAG Hence fo