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By dakorres 2022-02-08 12:15:06

EAP 225 cannot be adopted after firmware update

My EAP 225 cannot be adopted after updating from 5.0.5 to 5.0.7 All previous firmware upgrades of my EAP225(EU)v3.0 have been successful. EAP is accessible. I have opened the ports 28910-28914 as per
Forums/ WiFi
By joems 2022-02-12 14:08:37

EAP-225 outdoor disconnected in Omada App

EAP-225 outdoor disconnected in Omada app but still running and clients can still access the portal,browse the web,and can be ping. It happened when I upgrade the firmware to 5.0.7.,i try to update th
Forums/ WiFi
By plavielle 2022-03-09 10:03:36

EAP225-outdoor V1 5.0.7 firmware stability problem

Hi. I recently upgrade some eap225-outdoor V1 to 5.0.7 and there is a stability problem with this firmware. I use an OC200 V1 with 4.1.5 software (perhaps a compatibility problem) AP constantly discon
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By Protopia-PT 2022-01-13 09:49:26

EAP225-Outdoor V1 Firmware 5.0,7 created problems for me

My Omada Controller automatically updated one of my three EAP225-Outdoor V1 APs to firmware v5.0.7 yesterday and it resulted in continual disconnects and reconnects. I was only able to resolve this by