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By Hyseas 2023-12-13 16:19:43

ER7206(UN)_V1_1.4.0 Build 20231114 Fails to Upload

Downloaded and extracted ER7206(UN)_V1_1.4.0 Build 20231114. Auto update and manual update each resulted in "Upload Failed" status.
Forums/ Controllers
By Hyseas 2023-11-01 14:28:05

Bug - Controller v5.12.9 incorrectly flags SFP WAN as Offline

When looking at the Controller>Device>Gateway>Status pop up, the OC300 Controller with v5.12.9 now shows SFP WAN as Offline when in the WAN Primary, SFP WAN backup mode on the ER7602 Gateway. The back
Forums/ Routers
By Hyseas 2022-04-23 12:49:10

ER7206 failed to obtain the IP address for WAN because no response from the server.

While connected to an ATT Netgear MR5100 modem in IP Passthrough, the ER7206 (after 12-24 hours) will fail the WAN connection with the error "[Named Gateway] failed to obtain the IP address for WAN be