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By osca1412 2023-01-09 01:12:02

er605 openvpn ports are opened every time you modify any port after it is closed

I have a problem with the er605 it turns out that I have 3 lans created, 192,168,5,100 and 192.,168,6,100, with its created vlans 101, " 102", "192,168,5,100" 103" 192.168.6.
Forums/ Routers
By osca1412 2022-05-03 18:05:40

rdp access from vlan

I have a problem when accessing from wan to an rdp within a vlan, I have created 2 interfaces 192,168,1,101 vlan 1 and vlan 101 with sus and created the opening of ports and I cannot acc
Forums/ Routers
By osca1412 2022-04-30 10:32:29

link er605 to omada without losing configuration.

How can I link the tplink er605 to omada controller without losing the er605 configuration.