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By Npallavi 2024-01-09 23:03:05

9 MAC addresses visible to ISP - Androids being kicked - Insecure connection - Missing Omada MAC/IPs

NBN / ISP modem - dedicated IP ER605 v1.0 - Firmware v 1.3.1 OC200 v2.0 - Firmware v 2.9.3 - Controller v 5.9.32 TL-SG3428 v2.0 - Firmware v 2.0.10 EAP610(US) v1.0 - Firmware v 1.0.4 EAP610v3 TL-SG108
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By Npallavi 2023-12-21 21:52:33

No Way - What made TP-Link change their mind?

@TP-Link , After nearly a year of people being censored, being told the new routers we had just purchased were no longer being supported I awake to a notification from Home Assistant. TP-LINK NEW FIRM
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By Npallavi 2023-06-24 00:10:45

TCP No Flag attack - WAN Ping attack - TCP SYN-and-FIN packets attack

Hi All, Getting frustrated with the lack of interest TP-Link is displaying in relation to what I previously regarded as a much needed solution set for the marketplace. However growing increasingly fru
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By Hank21 2023-06-02 06:16:24

Solution to ER605 V1 1.3.0 Firmware Got Many Logs of "TCP no-Flag attack" Issue

This Article Applies to: ER605 v1 _1.3.0_Build 20230511 Issue Description/Phenomenon: Recently we noticed that some forum users were getting many "Router/Gateway detected TCP no-Flag attack and droppe