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By ndb217 2024-05-09 16:44:15

EAP670 PD Over Current indication

I have discovered at least one reason for my EAP670v1 reboot - they're being reset by the switch for drawing too much power. Now, I had seen this before and have tried multiple adjustments of the PoE
Forums/ WiFi
By ndb217 2024-03-26 14:51:58

EAP670 multicast loop.

I have two EAP670 APs. For the last few months (since 1.0.10, if I recall) I have seen what looked like a spanning tree loop that would occur around weekly, but sometimes more frequently. It turns out
Forums/ WiFi
By Dan15 2024-01-09 18:13:47

EAP670 sending DNS request for "del" around once per second

I'm seeing these logs in my DNS server (AdGuard Home). Has anyone seen this before or know what these requests are? Both devices are EAP670 (US) v1.0 on firmware 10.1.12 build 20230922 and I'm using a