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By MSSC 3 weeks ago

EAP110 IP Address Range

Hello, We are rolling out the EAP110s with the Omada Controller across the school to provide a new Wireless Network upgrade from the current 10 Year Old system. We have a dedicated VLAN for the WiFi w
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By wagonface 3 weeks ago

Installed new Omada on new PC and now have problems

I hope somebody can help me. I have 3 EAPs (EAP110 & EAP110 outdoor). I set them up using Omada controller on my laptop last year. All I wanted to do was use the same SSID. Everything worked perfectly
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By hdmuzzillo 3 weeks ago

Omada Routers for EAP 245V3?

Hello, Any plans for Omada routers soon? I just bought an EAP245V3 tempted by promised performance over UAP AC PRO but Ive found that TP Link seems not to have a suitable router to be used with the Om
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By boodeey1981 3 weeks ago

using repeater with eap110 active portal

i have eap110 with portal login there's no problem if i connect device directly to eap i use wa7210n for repeater, wds enable to extend my eap110 the problem is, there's no login page appear if connec
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By jorgeC 2019-03-19 02:56:42

Clients become isolated

The Apple MacBook Air (2017) is able to connect to EAP225, and can access wired network nodes, but it is unable to see other wireless clients. I have 4 active SSIDs on the EAP225. 2 on 2.4ghz (b/g onl
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By 5Deg 2019-03-15 14:51:32

EAP110 Mesh Network

I have 3 EAP-110 access points spread over the area of my house however they are on different SSID which means I have to manually switch from one to another, I would ideally like them all to be on the