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By Fae 2023-04-10 08:09:39

Current Available Solutions to Omada EAP Related Issues [Constantly Updated]

Current Available Solutions EAP653 Becomes Unreachable Or Clients Fail to Connect SSIDs After Upgrading to 1.0.9 Build20230814 Update Notes Added the Beta firmware for EAP653 v1. EAP650/EAP655-Wall |
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By s0uls 2022-08-11 17:36:32

EAP610-Outdoor V1.20 no firmware files? and omada controller takes its as a v1 instead of v1.2

Hello All. I just got a new EAP610-outdoor US 1.20 (both the box lavel and the backplate of the AP itself say V1.20 The thing is my Omada controller (SW, linux ubuntu) is seeing the EAP610-outdoor as
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By s0uls 2022-08-01 13:28:50

EAP225-Outdoor V1 vs V3 any important changeS?

Hello All. I am about to do a rural deploy of the following hardware ER605 v2 EAP245 V3 2x EAP225-outdoor The thing is here in my country im only finding V1 EAP225-outdoor istead of the current v3 mod
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By tstock 2017-10-09 11:57:57

Alias name for client in EAP-Controller

Model : Hardware Version : Firmware Version : ISP : Hi all, i have a question about the EAP Controller (Version: 2.4.8). I want to save an alias name for a client. Is there any way I can do this in th
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By RodrigoDinofre 2019-03-15 18:35:03

Antenna Radiation Patterns

Hi Folks, I would like to know if is there a diagram of the antenna radiattion patterns of TP Link EAP-225V3 for better network design. Thanks in advance. Rodrigo
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By s0uls 2019-05-22 00:57:43

Omada controller map not shown when on coverage toggle

Hello All I have a small issue here. After I uploaded my map and place the ap on it. if I select the coverage the entire map will be covered by the signal and wont show the map. anyone knows how to fi