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By ErniePantuso 2023-11-20 23:23:08

How to set different DHCP Pools and subnets/VLANs for SSIDs?

I have a pfSense router connected to a TP-Link TL-SG1024DE. I have a software controller and two EAP225s. I want to setup two SSIDs - Business and Guest Business will be on VLAN 20 along with a server
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By ErniePantuso 2023-09-01 19:08:03

Trying to use TL-SG1024DE with Deco S4 mesh devices as access points (Guest VLAN)

I'm upgrading the network for a small business. We're scrapping the ISP-provided consumer-grade wifi router and replacing it with a pfSense router and TL-SG1024DE switch. A 3-pack of Deco S4s were pur
Forums/ WiFi
By ErniePantuso 2022-08-19 17:58:44

POE injector requirements for EAP225 v2?

Can I use any POE injector for the EAP225? (As long as it has the necessary wattage, of course, but the specs say it's 802.3af so I assume any injector should work.) Also (total noob question) are the
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By ErniePantuso 2022-08-10 16:43:41

EAP115 - real world bandwidth? SDN managed?

I'm thinking about buying a couple of EAP115 access points - primarily to learn (a lot) more about networking. I'll be pairing them with an ER650 router and a (non-TP-Link) managed switch. I'll be buy