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Forums/ Business Switches
By No_space_left 2020-06-04 14:49:20

TL-SG2210P PoE+ 802.3at Support

Hi all, I am confused about PoE+ (IEEE 802.3at) support in the TL-SG2210P switch. Reading the documents, it seems support for PoE+ has been introduced in hardware version V3. However I am reading conf
Forums/ Omada EAP
By Paulbrom2001 2019-10-13 07:48:02

Wireless N outdoor access point Question can I connect direct to router

Can I connect 1 Wireless N Outdoor Access point (EAN110-Outdoor) directly to my router? As instalation video shows 2? Also is there a single unit setup tutorial? Im not expert so need plain langague w
Forums/ Omada EAP
By dnelms61 2019-09-29 17:44:07

Does EAP110 Require a Constant LAN connection to the Router?

Just purchased the EAP110 to extend my wireless network outside further. There is a Passive POE adapter that I can plug in an outdoor outlet and run the CAT5e Shielded cable to the device. Problem is,
Forums/ Omada EAP
By Cien 2019-05-27 22:39:35

EAP245 Mesh not working

I bought two EAP245 APs, and am attempting to mesh them together. They were advertised as Mesh ready, so i am trying to get them to mesh together. I adopted the first AP and enabled mesh, but when plu
Forums/ Omada EAP
By lf.PUC 2019-06-28 14:25:49

Your Phone is Connected to a Wi-Fi Network That Prevents WhatsApp Calls

Hello This seems to be a silly question but I could not find a solution. I installed a new EAP245 and it is blocking WhatsApp voice and video calls. I already tried to disable and also enable Wi-Fi Mu
Forums/ Omada EAP
By Guy-26 2019-09-19 13:44:53

EAP225 Disconnects randomly

Heyya, At my office we have to APs. One in the main office space (AP1) and another in a classromm/meeting room (AP2). AP2 allways seems to get disconnected. The laptops can still see and sometimes con