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By mg4455 a week ago

EAP 660HD PoE+ Switch

Looking at replacing my EAP 245's with a couple of EAP 660's. However, is there a suggested switch to use with these for PoE? I can't seem to find any in the TP-Link range that support 2.5GB & PoE+ Ba
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By ibrel a week ago

Mesh with LAN with EAP 245 and other

I want to mesh with a EAP245 other EAPs like EAP245 or EAP221. Can this be done over LAN instead of WiFi. The FAQ examples show only mesh over WiFI what would reduce the bandwith of the WiFi.
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By DanK861 a week ago

Wireless Solution for 4 floors residence

Hello all, I am looking for a wireless solution for a 4 floors house/residence (with multiple rooms and areas) which is constructed out of brick walls and concrete floors. Each floor is approximately
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By Egis 2 weeks ago

EAP660HD bad performance

Seems doing some iperf3 tests on wifi5 speed is very low, on wifi 6 it also decreased - previously ~800 Mbits/sec was no problems. Now speed on wifi6 ony ~ 500 Mbits/sec and on wifi5 it start from 60
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By yum 2 weeks ago

EAP-225 Outdoor Mesh wired to indoor EAP

Hello, I'm looking to set up some Omada equipment between two units and was interested to know if this configuration would work. Both would have EAP-225 Outdoors in mesh mode to connect to each other
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By PBGBBB2020 2021-01-29 19:05:20

What Does the Omada Controller Actually Do?

I am currently running Omada Controller Software v4 to manage my two EAP225. I know the controller allows for a central location to manage the APs and easily apply/adjust the WIFI broadcast to both at