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Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By carvwa a week ago

EAP 245v3 Radiation pattern (vertical mount)

So, this is not the typical "radiation pattern" question. I know that has been answered. This is a north/south radiation question. So, on an EAP 245v3 (or any of the EAP series), does anyone know what
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By Shaneb0422 Sunday

WiFi issues EAP

I recently replaced consumer grade APs with two EAP225 Outdoor and one 225 ceimung wifi sweet spots says speed is great. But I'm having issues where WiFi calling and loading webpages is not working or
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By walther a week ago

cannot change subnet in LAN via controller page

on the tab settings > wired networks > LAN there is a subnet that probably cannot be changed? it is, but i want it to be how can i change this? also cannot do controller
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By luislopes 2 weeks ago

mesh with EAP225-Outdoor

Can I install this setting "LAN--cable--ROUTER--cable--EAP225Outdoor-)))wireless(((-EAP225Outdoor--cable--SWITCH"?
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By EapNinja a week ago

Upgrade EAP using Omada Controller

Anyone know if it is possible to upgrade the EAPs using the Omada Controller? Can't find anything obvious and the TP-Link support site is no help. The only way I can figure out is to unmanage the EAP
Forums/ Business Wi-Fi
By JUSTO74 a week ago

EAP245 in the home issues

Hi i have just added an EAP245 to use in my loft as an access point 'to replace another access point', i set the SSID and passwords as the same as my networks router, i have disabled the 2.4ghz as the