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Forums/ WiFi
By Ser 2023-09-17 22:23:03

portal doesn't pop-up

Good day. why My omada voucher doesn't open login in pop-up it's blank page, how to solve it?
Forums/ Switches
By Ser 2022-01-30 07:08:39


Hi community, I'm using oc200 + tl-sg2428 + 605 as gateway and i have external hotspot Portal with vlan id 22 and pppoe vlan id 30 i would like to link it to my switch so i can use mesh for h
Forums/ Pharos Wireless Bridges
By Ser 2021-12-06 12:20:58

How many CPEs can connect to CPE510 in WISP mode and in standalone mode no Pharos?

Guys please help, How many CPEs 510 can connect to main CPE510 in WISP mode and in standalone mode no Pharos software? I appreciate your response in advance
Forums/ Switches
By Ser 2021-11-13 15:56:16

Factory reset

Hello Tp-Link community. Please help i forget my Tl-sg3428 web password and i tried to do factory rest using micro-,USB consle and i used Tera tool and Tp-link console tool but after that no internet
Forums/ Routers
By Ser 2021-08-09 06:13:25

Load palace

Hi, help please. I have TL-R605 Router and and I'm using port 1 and 2 as wan, port 1 line with speed upto 30mbps and por 2 line with speed upto 5mbps but as per checking the TL-R605 getting internet f
Forums/ WiFi
By Ser 2021-03-01 23:00:14

Block ISP interface

Hello community. help please how to block my ISP modem interface in Omada SDN OC200?