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/ Omada EAP
By Fae 2020-07-10 02:41:20

Re:EAP245v3 versus EAP265 HD

@mobb @Fae Thanks. 500 concurrent clients for 5 GHz? Is the QCA9982 still capable of this? (When will the EAP265 be available, roughly?) To clarify, 500 is the maximum number of 5G clients supported o
Forums/ Omada Cloud SDN
By ikjadoon 2020-08-24 01:50:26

Is Smart Connect (one combined SSID for both 2.4 + 5 GHz) a planned feature update?

I've looked at the latest Omada Cloud SDN documentation and the features supported by each of the latest APs. None mention "Smart Connect", which allows both the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks to use a si