TP-Link TDW8970 constant disconnetion problem

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TP-Link TDW8970 constant disconnetion problem

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TP-Link TDW8970 constant disconnetion problem
TP-Link TDW8970 constant disconnetion problem
2018-04-13 17:29:50
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Dear all,
I am facing the constant issue with internet connection on my TPLINK TD-W8970 router.
I've been trying to solve this by myself for over the week but without any (not temporary) success.
I'll be glad for you help as at this moment I don't really know if the problem is due to
-> my internet provided
-> my router
-> my incompetence of setting my tplink

Here's the summary of my problem:
I have a tv and internet connection by optical fiber. My provider gave me the modem (without wireless). Instead of renting the router I decided to buy my own 'good quality' (as internet claimed) router - TD-W8970.

The routes works in Operation Mode as Wireless Router Mode with Connection Type = Dynamic IP.
For some time it was working rather ok but in the last 3 weeks I observe the following problems with it:
-> after several minutes my laptops at home lose internet connection and I have to wait few minutes for it to come back. It looks as very random case. Sometimes it ends with one laptop working, other devices not (yet neither windows nor tplink wireless status not say anything about any ip-conflicts )
It is even worse when I work on my 'company computer' which uses remote desktops together with VPN's -> then I really had big troubles to connect to company network (even though it stays that I have internet access).

When I take ethernet cable from the router and plug directly to my laptop internet connection always look perfectly.

So far it did
-> upgrade the firmware to the latest available
-> I tried to assign static ip to the devices within my network (as I had a feeling that after connecting another one to the network (tablet,smartphone) I've been lossing connection on my laptop)
-> I reset router to factory defaults (also manually by pressing 'in-hole' reset button on router)
Every time the problem reocurrs. I do not remember having a few hours with stable internet connection.

->contacted my internet provider to give my DNS server (which I put manully in WAN settings) as windows troubleshooting always shows me "Unable to Resolve DNS problem".

-> changed my default gateway in DHCP Settings to and start IP from to in case it has any conflict from the modem settings

I have read in the internet that some people claim this router has hardware problem (they also have problems with disconnetions)?
Last - very strange observation is that - when I suddenly loose connection, if I go to my router settings -> network -> Wan Settings and click Release button and then Renew, as a results:
IP adress changes (?) i.e. from to and then I have my internet access back. I'd say it works in 70% of cases. But then after another half an hour we come back to the square one. If I repeat this sequence I see that there are always 2 IP numbers between which IP adress in EWAN Settings switches. And usually when one works the other is not.

Thank you in advance for any help. I really don't know what to do next.
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Re:TP-Link TDW8970 constant disconnetion problem
2018-04-17 17:53:59
According to your description, it seems the wired connection is working properly but the wireless connection often drop.
Have you tried setting a fixed wireless channel? such as channel 9 or any others.
How many wireless clients do you have?
Try to reduce the clients to see whether it still happen.
If it's ok after you reduce the clients, you may consider whether you connect too much devices.


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