VG1530 - Substitute ISP Router in Spain.

VG1530 - Substitute ISP Router in Spain.
VG1530 - Substitute ISP Router in Spain.
2018-09-12 18:59:39
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Hi all.

After a lot of searching and testing, i was sucessfull in exchanging the Router from my ISP, Movistar, with a VG1530. I have to say that some special steps have to be done in order to get the ISP configuration, but once i grab this info, the problem was related to the GPON and PASSWORD fields. For some reason, Movistar needs this fields in HEXADECIMAL but by default TP-Link router codes this fields in ASCII. There was a way to enter through telnet to VG1530v1, and recode the fields in hexadecimal, but with V3 this is not possible. And if i try to do the translation by myself, there is not enough room in the web interface to introduce all characters.
But a friend that has been testing VG1530v3 in a small spanish ISP, has passed me a firmware for VG1530v3, that allows to introduce GPON configuration in Hexadecimal or in ASCII. So with this FW, and after getting the Movistar configuration, it was very easy to substitute ISP router.

Hope it helps others, although remember that Movistar Configuration must be discovered by you.

Ricardo Campos Areias.
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Re:VG1530 - Substitute ISP Router in Spain.
2019-10-14 11:53:02


Hello Ricardo Campos Areias,

thank you for that info-post.

Do you still have the VG1530 router?

and is ok for you ?

I am thinking about to buy the same one, also for movistar fibra.

My question is if you could give that firmware you have, to use it fine with movistar ?

Or a link to get it ?

THANK YOU for answering !!

Answer is possible in english, spanish or german.

Is there a way to send private messanges here ?