4 WA-801ND APs crashes the network

4 WA-801ND APs crashes the network
4 WA-801ND APs crashes the network
2019-04-30 17:35:01
Model: TL-WA801ND
Hardware Version: V5
Firmware Version: Latest

I have 4 801NDs hooked up to a Cisco 110 firewall. They all have unique SSIDs and are set to different static IPs. IP addresses set to be assigned by the firewall. Operating on 10.10.10.x.


I have about 15-20 clients (Sonoff ESP8266s) on each AP.


This setup reliablely crashes the whole network, as I bring the clients of the various APs on line. Sequence doesn't seem to matter. It seems legit ad dependent.


Any idea what could be going on?


How does the Smart IP option work? Would it help using that, instead of Static IP and having the AP assign IPs? How would we assure unique IPs that way?


Thanks for your help.



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Re:4 WA-801ND APs crashes the network
2019-05-06 07:37:27



With smart IP(DHCP), you can get IP address from DHCP server, do not have to configure IP address manually with static IP.


And cause the 801ND is a home-level access point, to ensure the performance, it is suggested to connect no more than 10-25 devices; conbined with your network environment and the interference,  it is suggested to reduce the devices connected to the 801ND to give it a go. 


Meanwhile, when the 801ND lost connection, can you get internet from the switch/main router directly?


Besides, please ensure that the current firmware is the latest one. 



May it help and have a nice day.