Access Point connection to Router

Access Point connection to Router
Access Point connection to Router
2021-12-31 08:28:20
Model: AP200
Hardware Version: V1
Firmware Version: NA



I'm having trouble connecting a AP200 Access Point to an Archer C7 router. I've followed lots of advice but not making any headway. The access point is hard connected and accessible via wifi but is not connecting to the internet; not sure what I have missed. Any suggestions welcome. Many thanks

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Re:Access Point connection to Router
2022-01-02 11:25:13 - last edited 2022-01-02 11:32:49



Configuring AP200 should be straight-forward procedure.

If C7 LAN IP address is then AP200 LAN settings should look like this:


Configure the AP200 IP address and gateway.

It's mandatory that AP200 IP address is set within the C7 LAN subnet.

AP200 IP address could be the last IP address in subnet ( in this example).
AP200 gateway should be the C7 LAN IP address ( in this example) 



Turn OFF AP200 DHCP server. DHCP requests from wireless clients should be served by the C7 DHCP server.



Set the AP200 wireless settings according to your preference.

At this point you should have the AP200 set and ready to be used.


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