Wierd connection problems

Wierd connection problems
Wierd connection problems
2014-07-01 03:11:09
Region : Canada

Model : TL-WA830RE

Hardware Version : V2

Firmware Version : TL-WA830RE_V2_121008

ISP : Rogers

Hello im kind of a newbie on networking so pardon how i layout what i know and what i did.

Im using my TL-WA830RE as a wireless extender to provide a connection to my living room computer along with several other devices. Im getting several issues when my main computer and my living room computer are fighting for the access to the internet; when one is using the internet the other cannot. Also it is to be noted that i can only get the extender to work when i set it up via WPS. also im getting a good signal on my living room so i can confirm that is not far away.

My network is

Modem (bridged mode) -> Dlink Dir 655 (router) -> (Ethernet)Main computer
-> wireless devices
-> wireless extender -> wireless devices

By the way i have MAC Filtering Rules on my Dir 655 and adding the extender to the list breaks my computers connection to the internet (but not the network) also adding the extender to the DHCP reservation list breaks the connection + giving me errors saying that there is ip address conflict with the computer im using.

lastly i dont know if this will matter but:
the router is running WPA mode in auto and cipher type in TKIP and AES
the router's DHCP address range is to
addresses to have been reserved for a device / computer

Im open to all questions and suggestions except putting my router into factory default