Archer C2600 not using WAN port

Archer C2600 not using WAN port
Archer C2600 not using WAN port
2016-03-15 17:35:40
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I got an Archer C2600 to replace an Asus model.

I don’t want to use it as a router, just as an access point. I was able to configure the Asus for this before, so I got 5 Gigabit ports instead of 4.

However I don’t see how to do this with the Acher C2600.

I hope it is possible, otherwise I need to return it and keep using the Asus, even if the WiFi performance is lower.

I’ve updated it to the latest firmware version, and I don’t see any option for disabling the NAT so I can use all the 5 Gigabit ports in bridge mode altogether with the WiFi links.

If I use only the 4 ports, as I don’t need to use the DHCP (because I’ve it already in another TP-Link which is the real router for my network), there is not way to tell the C2600 that there is a default router and the DNS settings so the C2600 is able to use NTP servers, do firmware upgrades, etc.

Please, let me know.