What should I do if internet connection is not stable when the device is connected to TP-Link router?

Released On: 2018-11-26 09:03:18Last update time: 2018-11-26 09:03:18

You may find that your devices like your mobile phones and laptops lose internet connection constantly when they are connected to the router via Wi-Fi or Ethernet. It may be caused by many factors. Hence this FAQ will help you troubleshoot.

End-device means computer, laptop, front-device(s) means your modem or main router etc. which the TP-Link router is connected to.




Case 1



Step 1

Check whether the connection will be automatically restored after a few minutes. Check the Wi-Fi LED on the router when it happens and see if the wireless network can be found via your end-devices.

Step 2

It’s probably caused by wireless interference. To change wireless channel, channel width (refer to here) or get away from a wireless interference source, such as microwave oven, cordless phone, USB3.0 hard drive etc.

Step 3

Check firmware version of your router (here). Upgrade if it’s not the latest firmware. Contact our support if you need assistance upgrading the firmware.

Step 4

Contact TP-Link support with the information above for further assistance along with devices that are connected and operating system information.



Case 2


Note: Please only follow the steps below when there is no internet access.

Step 1

Log into the web management interface of the router.

Step 2

Check firmware version of your router (here). Upgrade if it’s not the latest firmware. Contact our support if you need assistance upgrading the firmware.

Step 3

Log into the router in order to check the WAN IP address, Default Gateway and DNS server. Write down all the parameters or take a screenshot. And save System Log (Advanced>System Tools>System Log).

Step 4

Contact TP-Link support with the information required above for further assistance.



The latest AX6000 firmware has a bug.  The 5GHz bandwidth loses internet connection intermitmently.  The obly way to restore it is to disable Wifi, wait for 15 secs, then enable it again.  This happens very frequently.  Please fix this bug.


If you have a beta firmware needs to check, I am willing to try that.





Quoc Dang


I'm having the same issue. 

I'm having similar issue. Updated firmware to latest already. Switched off 5Ghz, and advanced features like QoS, parental control, ... same issue.

Right now switched to attach my brandnew Archer AX6000 v1 to switch operation mode, attached to my old router. Internet is stable in this case over Archer's WiFi. Thinking of returning it back given I don't see any patches within 1 month provided.

This problem exists in AX20 model too, it is unreliable.

Hope TP-Link fixes this problem soon.



New AX20 set up a week ago and experiencing daily random internet disconnects. Firmware current, 5Ghz channel only enabled for TV, phone and work laptop, main system and NAS Ethernet.  Can't handle the unreliability.

Called them, went through some standard troubleshooting steps from the online manual without success, shared logs, etc. and a ticket was created with # TKID210120473. Couple days later, they just closed it without any communication. What a great customer service. What a great effort to help make their products do what they supposed to do. Makes appetite for buying more TP link products.

Same thing for me and my AX20.  It might work fine for 2 days in a row or 20 days in a row, but then needs a reboot.  Not all devices in the house will stop working at once.  Usually it's my iPhone first, which is the only device that uses multiple different SSID's in a given day.  So maybe some sort of caching issue?  Last week, all the laptops stopped communicating...rebooted router, worked fine again for a few days.  Then over the weekend, one gaming system couldn't even see the SSID.  Rebooted router again, works fine.  Who knows for how long though.


I have not upgraded the firmware on mine yet. Looking at it right now, I've got 9 devices connected, all at 2.4 GHz.


I upgraded to the AX20 recently, because I had an old D-Link router that was at least 10 years old.  But that thing worked, solid.  Every single day.  Only time it got rebooted was during power outages.  This TP-Link device is making me angry...and I'm a network professional.  Co-workers come to me often for advice on home purchases.  I can't recommend anything from TP-Link if my own experience is miserable.

I've upgraded firmware to Archer AX6000(US)_V1_210205 to NO avail. Devices are intermittently losing internet connection. So back to old D-Link router. Good that I still kept it. Buying Archer AX6000 turns out as waste of money. Waited for 1/2y for manufacturer to fix the problem. Now I just want to return it back!!!

Thank you

Hello, World ! Wi-Fi

I have AX1800 (AX21) WiFi-6 Router, have been using for over 6 months.

Yesterday and today after the firmware update, it has kicked out of the Internet. It did that a few times in the last few months before that. Called my ISP Spectrum Charter says Internet Service is good, separate modem is working fine. So it has to be the router.  I have 6 devices connected two of which are 2.4G. What is causing this?  I have security attached to this router and it is useless if it kicks out and has to be rebooted to get it working again!