What should I do if Tether fails to detect my TP-Link device on the “Device” page?

Released On: 2018-11-27 07:37:38Last update time: 2018-11-27 07:37:38

1. Make sure the smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi network of the TP-Link device.

2. Make sure the smartphone is not connected to the guest network.

3. Make sure the TP-Link device supports the Tether app. Please follow the link below to check the compatibility list.


4. Make sure the TP-Link device is using the latest firmware.

5. If the TP-Link device is a range extender using a static IP, make sure the IP address is in the same subnet as your router.

6.Turn off the VPN software on your phone if you are using it.

7. Reboot the TP-Link device or restart the Tether app and try again.


Hi all, the Deco app is not listing my new Deco E4 AC1200 device when I am trying to set it up.  If I choose the M4, which looks like mine, it keeps sending me back saying I chose the wrong device, but there is no E4 device listed!  Email and phone support not working after many attempts.  At my whits end here, any help?  Thanks

my TP-Link device-detect issues i am also facing problem please keep this discussion  i am following.


Thank you

Hello, World ! Wi-Fi


Device not found

Model Archer C1200 Version : V1 Seller : TM Unifi Firmware : 1.0.0 Build 20200306 rel.15999 (EU)

My Archer C6 router pops up occasionally on the tether app but not long enough for me to change the security settings. Weird.