Unable to connect to the Internet

Released On: 2018-11-27 07:51:57Last update time: 2023-02-14 07:32:39

When you first set up Deco, after going through the whole setup process on the Deco APP, sometimes it might end with an Error: Unable to connect to the Internet.

Normally, when you got this error, the LED on the main Deco will also turn red.


Here, we will help you to fix this issue.

1. Please Tap “Skip This Step” on the bottom of the error page.


2. Then make sure the smartphone is connected to the Wi-Fi you just created and go back to Deco APP>More>Advanced>IPV4 to check whether there is a valid IP address here.

  • If the IP address is, it is very likely that you might choose the wrong internet connection type. Please check with the internet service provider whether Dynamic IP or PPPOE is the correct one for you.
  • If the IP address is not, please refer to this link to change the DNS server on the Deco: How to change DNS server settings on my Deco


3. After changing the DNS, if the LED is still red and also no internet service is available, please connect a computer to the modem directly, and check whether the computer has internet access.

After the above troubleshooting, if you still have any issues, please start a new thread and provide us with more details.






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Great!   the  troubleshoting steps are  simple and straight forward. Darn well

I have a Deco instalation with 4 Access points working properly.

But in the app to control that instalations in my mobile it alwais appears the screen of "firmware updated is required", although I have done that many times with a final result that all devices are updated and the system works propertly.

But immediatly that screen appears and there is no other thing you can do in the app.

Another question is how to know to which access point I am (I have 4) connected at any time. 

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