Fixed Internet connection unstable issue with my Archer C6

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I just bought an Archer C6. In the first week, it works fine and I’m satisfied with its performance and Wi-Fi range. I would say it’s perfect at this price. But the situation becomes worse after one week. I found that the router will drop Internet connection every few days. I have to reboot it to get Internet back. It’s very UNACCEPTABLE. I have to say it’s a disaster for me when I’m playing games.

I check the router when this issue occurs, the LED turn red; I try the diagnose tools provided on the router, I cannot get reply when I ping

I have called my Internet provided to check my line because I think it’s their fault. No luck, the man from my ISP has come to my home and check the line quality. The modem is OK and stable. He said it’s the router and I should call tplink. Then I have to call tplink for help. Troubleshooting is not helpful after I talk with the first agent. He asked me to check the LED status, change DNS, reset router... Finally the agent said he can do nothing to help me and I have to fight with their senior engineers. I decide to give them a last chance because I think this router is worth saving if they can fix my issue. The senior engineer asked for a remote assistant because they want to check my issue quickly. OK, that’s what I want. He used a tool named Wireshark to capture some data and told me will contact me again. Luckily, two days later, he came back to me and give me a beta firmware. After testing the beta firmware for more than a month, the router remains working fine. The senior engineer is efficient and technical. I’m very happy for their service.


This is the explanation from the senior engineer, for who may get help from my case:

“We have found that the lease time of your IP address is 5 minutes. That means every 2.5 minutes the router will renew its IP address. The router may lose connection after frequent DHCP renew. This is a small probability event. However, renew time is too short and frequent, which make it possible. We have fixed your issue with beta firmware. The official firmware will be ready in the future.”


This is my story with this router. Thank you for your help, tplink.

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I am facing the same issue. Your experience helped me to solve my problem 

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