How to set up TP-Link Modem Router on NBN FTTB line

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Recently I have upgraded my DoDo Internet Plan from ADSL into NBN FTTB connection, so I have to buy a high-class router to match my new internet service. That is TP-LINK Modem Router Archer VR300. At first I couldn‘t set it up successfully, which was frustrating.

After struggling a lot, I contacted Dodo for help. They suggested me to enable VLAN ID on VR300. You know what? I tried it and finally got my TP-LINK router work perfectly. I post my experience here in case some others may need it.

For the first step, of course I connect my TP-LINK router to my NBN Box. Then the light became orange exactly as the Manual Book described. By the way, that manual book helps me a lot and it would show some basic knowledge.

Following the Manual, I accessed this VR300 using and changed the working mode from DSL modem router mode into wireless router mode as the following screenshot:


Then a window popped up and asked me to confirm the reboot. I clicked on YES.


Login back this TP-LINK device and go to Internet page, I filled in the VLAN ID and my PPPOE username and password from Dodo.



Once I created the PPPOE item using VLAN ID, the orange light on VR300 turned blue, and I had internet access finally!!!


Hope that my sharing can help you on FTTB NBN connection from Dodo.