Why No Pictures in Websites Allowed for Parental Control?

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Archer C9

        Recently I tried to set up Parental Control on my TP-LINK router Archer C9 V3 using Tether APP and it was near to success. However, some pictures of allowed websites for Parental Control cannot be loaded completely and that flaw cannot be ignored. After a lot of struggles, finally I found the solution and would like to share my own experience online.

        On Tether APP, taobao.com is listed as one of allowed websites for White List of Parental Control. I can access taobao.com successfully after setting it up on Tether APP, however the pictures of taobao.com cannot be loaded:

               After searching online, some users suggested that the pictures and web frameworks of a few web sites like taobao.com would be stored into different data bases. Their suggestions casted a new light on the problem. So, I pressed “F12” key when taobao.com web site was opened, and then some different web sites which store pictures used by taobao.com are listed, including at.alicdn.com, g.alicdn.com and img.alicdn.com.


                     Next, I added the above web sites into Allowed Websites Part on Tether APP, you know what? I finally solved my problem and pictures of taobao.com are loaded successfully.

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