My ISP needs MAC address authentication to get internet service

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Like the title said and here is the long story.

I bought their highest AX Deco X90 a few weeks ago due to their Black Friday Deal. Unfortunately, I could not get it connect to my service provider which is NextLink. So I called their support. The process was tough but I am extremely happy to get it settled and the Wi-Fi coverage is amazing, no more dead zone so that I could start setting up my Christmas lights around the house.

There is something I learnt from their troubleshooting and hope it could save your time for configuration.

There are quite a few internet providers that required MAC address to activate their internet service , such as Fibersphere, Rise broadband,  Rios broadband,  CampusnetNextLink. If you are one of them, please pay more attention during setup.

What did they do to get me online?

After basic troubleshooting with their support, everything seems normal: LED is green and I got an IP address but it just did not work so they forwarded my case to their seniors. He did some debug test and finally figured out my whole internet service seemed to be bound under a specific MAC address. Any device which is not used this MAC, like my laptop got a completely different IP address when connected to my modem. He doubted this was the problem.

So I was suggested to copy this MAC into my Deco X90. Hurray, I am online and Deco X90 starts working!!!

He did tell me how to find the WAN MAC address like:

Normally, it is based on the LAN MAC address on the bottom label(=the last character of label MAC(hexadecimal)+1.

Then,please refer to this link and input this MAC address:How to Configure MAC Clone on Deco if Deco fails to connect to the internet?

But I did not quite understand how to work it out so I made a note about the MAC address he provided in case I need it in the future.

Hope it helps and Merry Christmas!