Connect Deco M9 Plus to Starlink Satellite Dish

Used Products:

I ordered my Dish a few months ago and received the Kit just before Halloween. When it was left at my front door, I thought it was a Halloween prank. Now I am EXTREMELY HAPPY it isn’t. Anyway, Happy Halloween!

First, Unboxing! Here is what you get in the package: 

Before I ordered the Dish and I did some research online and realized I need an additional Ethernet adapter if I want to keep using the Deco which I did since I need a large Wi-Fi coverage.  


Then how to link these stuff together, which is the most important part of the whole installation:
Starlink Dish---<the cable from Dish>----Ethernet adapter------Starlink router
                                                                                                 \---<Ethernet port>---Deco M9


Finally, about the configuration of the Deco M9+:
As far as I know, the Starlink router cannot be removed since its power adapter supplies power for both the router and the Dish. Now, I would have two routers connected together but I didn’t want that since there is an internal NAS server I need to access externally when I am at work. Again I googled two suggestions:
1. Turn the Bypass Starlink Wi-Fi router “On” on the Starlink APP:  

2. Or set Deco to Access Point mode. (Attention: The parental control and other advanced features will disappear in Access Point mode!)

How to set up Deco to work in Access Point mode