Wireguard VPN Client file upload fail

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I am particularly concerned about privacy and prefer not to have my personal information exposed online, so I like to use VPNs. I heard that AX55 has improved its Wireguard VPN client, I heard that Wireguard VPN provides better security and privacy protection, so I decided to switch to Wireguard VPN. My AX55 firmware version is 1.2.6.

I get a Wireguard VPN in this website: https://www.vpnjantit.com/. However, I encountered a problem when importing the Wireguard VPN configuration file, it showed "upload failed".

At first, I thought it was a router issue, but upon careful examination and comparison of the client configuration file exported by the Wireguard VPN in the router, I found the problem. The issue mainly arose from the fact that the fields in the Wireguard VPN configuration file I downloaded from the website earlier were not very standardized, so the router could not import them.

I also found the standard fields for Wireguard VPN in this website:   https://manpages.debian.org/unstable/wireguard-tools/wg-quick.8.en.html, which can be used as templates. I opened the Wireguard file with Notepad, manually modified it to the standard format, and then uploaded it. I succeeded, and the Wireguard VPN is running smoothly.

If you encounter the same import problem, you might consider manually modifying it into a standardized VPN configuration file yourself. I have placed the image of the standard template here. If you need it, you can refer to it and make your own modifications.