Don’t Worry, Data Is Safe

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Don’t Worry, Data Is Safe

Back Up and Restore Mac Data With Time Machine

Losing important information can be one of the most frustrating computer problems to deal with. Photos that remind you of good old days, critical company documents, or emails from your university supervisor, losing data can be a devastating blow. Whatever you might be saving on your computer, you doubtless want to back it up effectively and easily.

And you can.

If the computer you’re using is a Mac, the Time Machine feature is your best choice. Time Machine is a built-in backup application for Mac that can automatically back up all your files, be it applications or photos. It’s equally simple to restore a backup when anything goes wrong. But what exactly makes Time Machine outshine other backup solutions?




Backs Up Regularly and Quickly

Time Machine automatically backs up your files hourly, daily, and weekly, so the presentation you’ve been working on for a week or the novel you just started won’t disappear if your battery dies. But it doesn’t simply copy everything on your Mac hard drive, it compares files to the last backup and only adds new ones or ones that have been changed. This makes each backup process simple and quick.


Backs Up in Sleep Mode

Time Machine works even when your Mac is asleep as long as your Mac supports Power Nap. So if something urgent drags you away while you are using the computer, don’t worry, your data is safely stored.


Supports Various External Storage Devices

You can back up your data over the network to a NAS server or other external storage devices. If your router supports Time Machine, backup can be much easier. This will help it back up the files on your Mac computer to a USB storage device connected to your router, and customize the space and location for storage.


So you might ask, why do I bother to connect a USB drive to the router rather than to my Mac directly? There are a few good reasons to do so. First, it’s much simpler. Once your Mac is wirelessly connected to the router, backup starts according to preset rules. You don’t have to plug the USB drive in and out of your computer. Second, the USB drive can serve as a NAS device, making it easy to share the files of your Mac with other devices.


Farewell to the disaster of losing important data due to Mac crash or other.  Get started with Time Machine backup. Check How to Use Time Machine function on TP-Link Routers? to set up Time Machine on your Mac and your router.


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