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Unleash Your Gaming

After a long week’s work, you could’ve been enjoying the fresh sunshine of a Saturday afternoon. But you’re not. Instead, your teeth are clenched. Loins girded. You’re shouting to push mid and your voice is already going raw. The passion you feel, the aspiration for victory, the mad exhilaration of reclaiming the momentum in LoL. You couldn’t imagine spending Saturday any other way.


Too bad your network has other plans.  


Right as you start to take the next tower your network slows to a crawl. Everything—minions and champions included—freeze in place. The only thing not stopped is the clock, which you know is already counting down.


Such things happen in gaming. To ensure a good gaming experience, you may need additional tools—like a good router for instance. A gaming router with the Game Accelerator feature might just be what you need to keep your games lasting the entire time.


What Is Game Accelerator?

Game Accelerator is used to reduce delays and boost game speeds. When you play a game, enable Game Accelerator with just a click to enjoy smooth gaming. Your network will no longer be a bottleneck.


How Does Game Accelerator Work?

Game Accelerator automatically detects and optimizes game streams to ensure your gaming stays immersive. This also keeps your network as fast as your reaction speed. With it enabled, gaming is prioritized over other online activities like downloading, video chatting, and streaming.


If there are many devices or online activities competing for bandwidth on your LAN, Game Accelerator ensures enough bandwidth for gaming. You won’ t have to worry about your network speed even when your sister starts binging Disney+.


Game Accelerator also displays your network’s real-time rate and latency (how long it takes a router to ping a client and back) for each device on your LAN. The feature also works with QoS, which allows you to prioritize a certain device over others. What youll end up with is fast gaming on your computer over other connected devices.

Now you’re ready to start up Game Accelerator and show everyone who’s king of the field. Get ready to see those gg’s.

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