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Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By fjdksalfd 2021-05-29 07:01:11

Tapo P100 smart plug power consumption

Hi, an important spec is missing from all datasheets: What is the standby power consumption of the Tapo P100 wifi smart plugs?
Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By MagnusW 2022-09-13 11:00:05

P110 - how much power does the plug itself consume?

I can't find any info anywhere about the power consumption of the plug itself. I realize it's probably only a few Watt at most, but I still find it odd that there is no info about it anywhere. Is it n
Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By deepz 2022-09-28 13:39:19

Confirmation before turning off.

When I click a device in the app, I often accidentally click the "turn off/ turn on" button. I have servers that are connected to each plug. When they are turned off lke that, the hardware could be br
Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By discigabi 2021-03-20 14:58:36

Tapo p100 last power state

Hi, I have a few p100s and all of them stay OFF when the power comes back instead of entering the last state. Staying OFF after power-cut makes p100 completely useless as it is impossible to turn it O
Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By MattCR 2022-04-05 11:03:32

P110 - monitoring hourly usage

Hello I've just bought the P110 smart plug with energy monitoring. I'm particularly keen to monitor the usage over the course of a day - i.e. broken down by hour. The tp-link product page https://www.
Forums/ Tapo Smart Plugs
By Zenigata 2022-10-02 08:33:23

Feature Request for P110: confirm popup for manual ON/OFF

Hello, I think a nice feature could be to implement a confirm popup when turning ON or OFF the smart plug. This could be linked with a setting in the options called something like "Confirm turning ON