How a Deco Mesh can solve your issues with Wi-Fi dead zones.

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If you are like most people today, you have multiple devices that rely on a steady wireless connection to work properly.  Not only do homes today have computers, phones and gaming consoles, but we also have Smart TVs, wireless speakers, voice assistants and even robot vacuums.  With all this demand, coverage area is a major concern for most consumers.  In the past Range Extenders have been used to enhance a coverage are but they also come with draw backs, Placement can be an issue and there is the drop in speed.  Powerline Adapters can provide a full speed connection, but implementation can be tricky.  A simpler method to provide high speed internet at greater distanced was needed.  Enter the Deco Mesh Wi-Fi system.  With Deco you can have a maximum coverage area right out of the box of up to 4500 Sq Ft (Deco M5 3-pack, Deco M9 plus 2-pack).  If additional coverage area is needed, all you have to do is add another unit. 


Setup is simple.  Download the Deco App from the iOS or Android app store, create a TP-Link ID to manage your devices and follow the quick and simple onscreen instructions that take you step by step through the process, including a recommendation on how to place the units.  Speaking of the units, once you have the first unit setup with a few taps on your screen the remaining units with copy the configuration from the first.  Managing the Deco network is a breeze and can be done from home or away.


Decos deploy a method of connection called Mesh.  What this refers to is how the units “talk” to each other.  Say for instance you have a Deco M5 3 pack and your middle unit goes down.  This does not mean your far end unit is down as well.  It will still have a connection to the main unit connected to your ISP’s modem. Thus, enabling you to maintain Wi-Fi through out your home.  Deco achieves this via one of two backhaul options, wireless or ethernet.  Customers who have their homes wired for ethernet can choose this option to take advantage of faster throughput and lower lag times.  Customers who opt to use wireless as their backhaul option, can enjoy more deployment options as they will not be limited to areas where the walls have ethernet ports. 


Any way you decided to deploy the TP-Link Deco Mesh Wi-Fi system is an excellent choice for customers who want an easy to use system with maximum coverage without sacrificing speed.


For more information please view the product pages for the Deco Mesh product line

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Can I use my existing router\modem combo with the M5's? it is currently handling my wifi in house, but is limited. 

I have ethernet run throughout the house and would like to connect M5's directly to my Gigibit switch, which is attached to my routher\modem.

this should in theory create the wired backhaul. 


my setup would be 

  • Centurylink modem\router, port 1 on modem\routher connected to port 1 on Deco M5. Port 2 on Deco M5 connected to gigabit switch port 1.
  • port 2 on gigabit switch connected to second Deco M5 port 1 (home office desktop). out from port 2 on that M5 going to my Desktop Pc.
  • port 3 on gigabit switch goes to thrid M5 located in basement.


will this work?







Yes you can, although you might have some issues related to double NAT.  I would recommend that you do one of two setups.  


1.  Change your ISP gateway to modem only mode (if possible) and just set the Deco up as a router.  This will require you to connect all of your devices to a new Wifi but would give the best experiance possible.  


2.   Set the Deco's up as APs in AP mode.  This would be the best recomendation if your mode/router cannot be put router only mode.  It would still be recommended that you disable WiFi on the gateway to advoid WiFi interference.  In AP mode many of the valued features are disabled as features like our HomeCare requires the device to operate in routed mode to work.


If this is not something that would work for you another option would be Powerline Adapters.  With these you can use you powerlines to extend coverage for both ethernet and wireless.  They can also be "Cloned" into your existing WiFi.



Best Regards


Carl | TP-Link