How a travel router's client mode can be used as a wireless network card

Product Used: TL-WR902AC/TL-WR802N


Background/Problem: Customer has an Ethernet-only device and wants to add it to network via Wi-Fi.


The homes of today are full of various electronic devices that support network connectivity – many via Wi-Fi. However, there are some network devices that may only support Ethernet connectivity. This may pose an inconvenience if the network device is relatively far from the router, and running Ethernet cable, or using a Powerline solution isn’t a viable option. If you have an Ethernet-only device, and find yourself in a similar predicament, using one of our compact multi-purpose Travel Routers can provide a quick and easy solution.


Our Travel Routers support multiple operating modes, one of which is known as “Client Mode”. Client Mode works by receiving your router’s Wi-Fi signal, then sending the network data over an Ethernet cable into your network device. This is especially helpful for devices such as wired printers. In some cases, a Dual Band Travel Router such as our TL-WR902AC can even be used to help improve Wi-Fi performance for game consoles that only offer 2.4GHz Wi-Fi, if your router’s 5GHz Wi-Fi signal is sufficiently strong at the console’s location. 5GHz Wi-Fi typically provides lower latency and higher speed than 2.4GHz, which is beneficial for online gaming. In this scenario, the TL-WR902AC can receive your router’s 5GHz Wi-Fi connection, while connected to the console’s Ethernet port.


These are just specific examples out of many operation modes and features offered by our Travel Routers. More information about the TL-WR902AC Travel Router can be found on our website here:




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