How upgrading to the TL-WPA8730 kit solved one users connection issues

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Product used: TL-WPA8730 KIT


Background: The customer lives in a 4000 square foot home that was in a “U” shaped manner. Their current wireless router is installed at the one endpoint of the house. They require wireless connectivity for the opposite endpoint of the house.


Problem: The customer has purchased the TL-WPA4220 KIT, installed the TL-PA4010 adapter near the router, and the TL-WPA4220 WiFi extender in the area that needed a wireless connection. At the end of the installation, there was no connectivity of the two devices. The powerline light that should be on never turned on. Other outlets were tested, and the one outlet that did work ended up being in a section of the house where WiFi is not needed.


Solution: Since the powerline adapter did not work on the outlet that is needed it was determined the issue was the circuits the outlet was on. When using a powerline kit that uses HomePlug AV1, the two adapters need to be on the same circuit. However, when using our newer powerline adapters that use HomePlug AV2, the signal can traverse through multiple circuits. The customer was recommended to use the TL-WPA8730 KIT. Out of the box, the adapters are already paired so they were installed in the exact same outlets as the previous kit. The powerline light same on, and there was instant network connectivity. The additional benefit compared to a range extender is the user had the same high-speed connectivity where a range extender would suffer with respect to speed

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