Windows EAP Controller and firewall

Windows EAP Controller and firewall
Windows EAP Controller and firewall
2017-09-02 16:03:22
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Hi there,

Just need a general advice on how to configure a windows-based firewall when using EAP Controller (v2.4.8).

What happened was ... I had McAfee LiveSafe installed and noticed that EAP Controller always failed to adopt my EAP120, it always says RETRY (I've tried to restore the AP to factory default and manually add admin/admin on the RETRY box but no luck).
So I've disabled McAfee LiveSafe firewall and it works!

Next I uninstalled McAfee LiveSafe and FORGET AP.
With only Windows Firewall default settings, I re-tried the adoption process again.
This time it works.
I don't know what's the difference between them but I guess there's some tricks to it.

What program/port required to be open inbound/outbound for a (Windows-based) normal EAP Controller operation to works?

Thank you.
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Re:Windows EAP Controller and firewall
2017-09-04 13:55:15
You can try to add EAP controller to the white list of McAfee LiveSafe at first.

Besides, the EAP controller uses UDP port 29810, TCP port 29811, 29812, 29813 for EAP discover, manage, adopt and upgrade, you need to make sure these ports are no occupied by other programs.