Eap Controller SSH feature

Eap Controller SSH feature
Eap Controller SSH feature
2017-11-24 05:51:16
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Im having problems trying to start the ssh server provided by the EAP controller, does anyone could use it?
The documentation says:
You can login to the EAP Controller via SSH. Deploy an SSH server on your network and follow the
steps below to configure SSH on the EAP Controller:
1. Go to System > SSH.
2. Enter the port number of the SSH server.
3. Check the box to enable SSH Login.
4. Click Apply.
I followed them and nothing happens, any clue?
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Re:Eap Controller SSH feature
2017-11-24 18:35:04
Works for me, tested with EAP controller 2.5.8. You don't have to deploy a SSH server in the network, that's completely misleading statement in the EAPC User's Guide. You just need a SSH client to be able to make connections to a SSH server.

So, just enable the SSH server for an EAP by checking the box "SSH Login" in the controller's "System" menu. Then find the IP and the device passwort of the EAP (under "Device Account"), connect to it using SSH and you can login. But what would you like to do through ssh, what you cannot do through the web UI?
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