Network past thru EAP 245 V3, issues with ccam frame rate
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2019-02-26 09:56:18

Pascal wrote

Pascal wrote

  • Lan Ports EAP

OK, If I understand  your explain,there is no forwarding limitation speed with Past Thru the Lan port.
Then No agregation possibility ?
and seem to use the old way HUB lan ?


You mean if you do not use the RTSP/RTP protocols and use the MJPEG mode, then the camera if working well.: YES

 But if you use H264 mode, then the video of camera has no lags and shows smoothly? NO, the video of the camera goes terrible, losing frame, slow motion, saccaded. 


  • the Dlink cam is DCS-4701E with latest firmware

with EAP presence:
-video H264 with RTSP/RTP, the stream start well during 1 or two minutes (good frame rate, no saccad) after then video suffer lags and saccad with lost of some frame.even with 7 frames/sec.

-video MJPEG, no issues at all, stream is good and no frame lost, got 25frames/sec.


Without EAP presence

the H264 video stream is working well, no saccad, no lost frame and use 15 frames/sec




Also Users complains about no possibility to access internet without raison, the device is connected to the EAP245 and got verry good Wifi signal and less than 3M far from the EAP. They need to switch Off they Wifi and switch it back on tho be able to surf on the web again till the next time they are blocked again.

The Issue seem to be only with the access points that are on the Lan segment connected with the past Thru lan port.

By experience with SONOS, I had disconnect the SONOS to be sure there is not STP issue or loop between the SONOS net and our intranet, but the problems are still there.

I will now put back the OLD Asus RT-AC66U as termination of this lan segment, and put back the Netrgear GS510T in the midle of this segment. The EAP-245 experience is deffinitly not a success, as it is not affect only the Cam frame rate but all internet experience with Wifi devices. 

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2019-03-08 16:49:56

I finaly purshased the TL-ER6120 V3    (remove the NAT bottleneck issue)

Swap the GS510TP with an TL-GS1016PE. (better Gps switch capacity)

disable WiFi of the SONOS near the EAP (all cabeled now)


will see now if I still got frame rate issue and loosing internet acces.