(CPE510 AP) to (CPE510 Client)

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(CPE510 AP) to (CPE510 Client)
(CPE510 AP) to (CPE510 Client)
2019-04-26 05:47:20
Model: CPE510  
Hardware Version:
Firmware Version:

I have multiple locations set up like i am about to explain 

some have been upnand working for 2+years 

others for 1-2 years 

just recently I have started to experience an issue I hope to find some help with due to the amount of time I’ve spent trying to trbl shoot on my own..


this particular location has  6 different locations 


I have 

6 - CPE510’s mounted on roof of clubhouse - set up as AP’s pointing in different directions to its paired (CPE510 client)


i have 

6 - CPE510’s Mounted on six different buildings setup as CLIENTS receiving signal from its paired CPE510 at the clubhouse 


all Client sites are Connected and locked to its paired AP 


at AP location, all are hardwired to a gigabyte switch which is plugged into router 


at all client locations all are hardwired to a 8 port POE gigabyte switch 

where I also have anywhere from 1-4 ip cameras also plugged in aswell to cover customers security needs


NOTE: all paired radios have direct line of site and full signal strength has been achieved for the most part. 


i have not had any issues with any of these sites I’ve installed and programmed till now 


I have two separate areas at this property 

both have two cameras at each 

both have direct line of site 

one is only a 150ft away 

other is 600ft away 


I have defaulted all and started from scratch 

here is what keeps happening 


when programming the Client side

in wireless settings I survey the network 

I find the already programmed AP that was set up for this Client 

i connect to and lock to it 

but NO wireless signal at all 

client radio acts as if it’s not connected to anything 




on AP radio

it shows full signal on the side of the radio 

and has internet connection 


From client I’m able to see AP (confirming MAC is correct) 

im able to connect and lock to it 

but I continue to gain internet connectivity 

i have no signal 

Manx i am not in the network at all 

I tried to ping router and preformed a Ipscan and results show nothing at all 




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