Mesh 2 EAP225 with Netgear R7900 Nighthawk X6

Mesh 2 EAP225 with Netgear R7900 Nighthawk X6
Mesh 2 EAP225 with Netgear R7900 Nighthawk X6
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Trying to create a wired mesh in my house, and having some difficulty.


I have a NETGEAR R7900 main router which is in my AV closet.  From there, I wired two CAT6 cables to two ceiling points on the other side of the house and have installed the EAP225 AP there.  Those two are connected to the main router.  I tried to just give them all the same SSID and found that it wasn't switching easily between routers when I would move throughout the house.  I gave up and named them three separate SSID's and just manually switch if I'm in a different part of the house.  It's a pain and results in shotty coverage depending on where I'm at.


I'm wanting to create 1 SSID and have the routers decide which has the best signal and automatically connect me to that AP (like a true mesh).  I'm not seeing much direction on what I need to do to make that happen. 


Any guidance is appreciated!



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Re:Mesh 2 EAP225 with Netgear R7900 Nighthawk X6
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@Aggy2020, set the same SSID and wireless settings (mode, encryption, channel width etc.) for both EAPs. This enables basic roaming according to the 802.11 standard. It is solely your client device which decides whether to roam and it can not be initiated by the EAP.


If your client doesn't roam this means that the signal quality of the connection to the EAP is still good enough, so your device decides to do no roaming.


If you want to use seamless roaming aka fast roaming, you need to set up Omada controller and to enable seamless roaming. This speeds up roaming and allows you to force a disconnect if Omada controller detects that a device's signal will drop below a certain threshold. Note that your clients must support seamles roaming, too.


A mesh network is not needed for both kinds of roaming and using a mesh will not change the behavior related to roaming decision.


BTW: there is an own subforum for Omada products. This one is for Pharos products as the headline of the forum says.

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