Issue with TP-Link ecosystem

Issue with TP-Link ecosystem
Issue with TP-Link ecosystem
2020-07-04 01:00:30 - last edited 2021-04-19 10:57:11
Model: TL-R480T+
Hardware Version: V9
Firmware Version: 20200313

Hello everyone,

I have a small business of 12 apartments with the following network details:

There are 3 active internet lines from my ISP:

  • ADSL 24 (average 10 download / 0.7 upload) - Speedport Plus modem/router #1
  • VDSL 50 (average 14 download / 2.3 upload) - Speedport Plus modem/router #2
  • VDSL 50 (average 15 download / 2.5 upload) - Speedport Plus modem/router #3

I have activated those 3 lines to be used in load balance state with the following equipment:

  • TP-Link R480T+ V9 Load Balance Router
  • TP-Link SG 1600G-28TS V3 Smart Switch
  • 12 random TP-Link(or other company) modem/routers that are to be used as access points inside the rooms

Analyzing the network:
The first Speedport Plus #1 ip address is with all default settings on, dhcp etc, the second one has and the third one

With all default settings and without messing on the ISP provided modem/router I have connected their first LAN port to the 3 WAN ports on the load balancer and setting them as Dynamic they connect after a few seconds and the network seems to function as intended by distributing network access to the rest of the devices.

The load balance router's address is and acts as the DHCP server, while all the other modem/routers act as access points (or switches)

Then i connect my switch to the LAN port of my load balance router. The rest of the devices (access points) are all connected on the switch as well (on their LAN ports and not WAN ports). I have disabled DHCP server on those older modem/routers, gave them a static IP in the same subnet, outside the dhcp of the router and the same WiFi configuration. Some of those "access points" can be connected with playstations, tv boxes or smart tvs.

However, this is where my issue lies:
About once daily, the whole network freezes and it doesn't give access to the internet to any devices. I check my ISP modem/routers and they seem fine, also when I connect a device straight to those, I immediately get access to the internet. Meanwhile, as long as this is happening, i cannot access the GUI of my R480T load balance router, while i can access any other device besides that one. The problem remains until I manually go and reboot the router by pulling the plug. As you can understand, this kind of solution is unacceptable for the operation of my business and I can't simply be stressed all day on when the next issue will occur again, so i can run at my basement where the rack cabinet is located and start pulling plugs. Furthermore, even when the system is working, i have noticed that almost always the CPU load on my router is unusually high, 80% or more for long periods of time.


So, my question is the following:

While it may be obvious that I have received a faulty load balance router (which is basically what provides the rest of my devices access to the outside world and when the problem appears, it is the only device i cant acccess, is there any change something else in my topology can be the cause of this issue? Does something that I described above seem strange or out of place that I should change? Of course i can provide further details if anyone needs more. I would like to be sure of this before I proceed with drastic measures and ask for a device replacement and wait many days until i receive it and then install it, meanwhile my costumers won't have internet access.

One last thing,while researching i found out that many people have similar issues with that specific model, even on earlier versions, which needs frequent rebooting, so if this is truly the reason, maybe it is not very smart to just ask for a new one as replacement, but buy another product and spare me further headaches and frustration. In that case what would you recommend that suits my needs?

Sorry for writing this huge text. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for your time in advance.

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Re:Issue with TP-Link ecosystem
2020-07-06 06:40:06 - last edited 2021-04-19 10:57:11





From your description, I think you need to replace it with a more powerful router like TL-ER5120 for your small business of 12 apartments.


As you may know, the maximum recommended capacity of the TL-R480T+ router is around 50. And if you read the datasheet of the TL-R480T+ router, you may find that it only has Flash 16MB, DRAM 128MB, and Concurrent Session 30000, which might be not enough for your small business network.

Best Regards!