CPE 220 connection problem

CPE 220 connection problem
CPE 220 connection problem
2021-05-21 08:55:00
Model: CPE220
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: Firmware Version: 2.2.3 Build 20201028 Rel. 55382 (0000)

Please Help me with my CPE 220 very poor in connection i tried all these settings 20Mghz 

MAXtream: ON and OFF


Channel/Frequency: 1 / 2412MHz

Channel Width: 20MHz

IEEE802.11 Mode: N Only

Transmit Power: 30dBm

Distance: 0.6km

and i have good ping 1 to 10 ms 


but my internet connection to my client cpe is around 2 mbps then sometimes its disconnectiong, my actual speed in my house(server) is at 40 to 50 mbps
 please somebody help me... its been 7 days since i have no better sleep just to configure the possible solution but nothing happen

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Re:CPE 220 connection problem
2021-05-26 06:00:39


Hi there, how about changing the channel width to 401Mhz and also you can follow this instruction on their website to do a test. The speed issue is kind of annoying and need to do the test one by one to locate the problem.