Problems of extreme speed drops in cpe 220

Problems of extreme speed drops in cpe 220
Problems of extreme speed drops in cpe 220
2021-11-12 12:33:47
Model: CPE220
Hardware Version: V3
Firmware Version: CPE220(UN)_v3.0_20201028

Hello, I have bought 4 cpe220 to make 2 point to point in a place in a perfect open field line of sight, one at 100 meters and the other at 80.

My problem is that since we have to send these configured equipment to the client, we cannot test them on the spot.

So we decided to test them in our workshop where the maximum distance is 5 meters.

And the result with the internet is an impressive drop, for example from 50/35 sometimes it goes down to 8/4 even reaching 2/1 then it goes up.

I have lowered the power and the configuration I have tested it in 1 km and 0 km and it is the same, we have tried everything, it works well for 5 minutes when turning on but then it falls impressively


It is possible that there is too much refraction when being so close in the tests and that is fixed later in the open air that I understand that there will be no contamination of waves in 2.4Ghz, or the cpe220 equipment is not good
Are these teams reliable?

Does anyone have a suggestion, I am half desperate because I must send this urgently!

I really appreciate the help

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Re:Problems of extreme speed drops in cpe 220
2021-11-15 02:49:33


1. Try some WiFi analyzer and scan your environment. 2.4GHz can be easily affected. 

2. Increase the power.

3. Front panel to front panel. Adjust the angle? (You mentioned's it's close.. Should be fine with the angle..)

4. Channel width to the maximum. (40MHz, I remember? More width more speed.)